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Wednesday 15 November 2017 at 06:56 am.

A photographer captures and records important events and tells us what it is all about and if you are considering this career, oftentimes a photographer spends his time on the road. It would mean that there is more travelling to far places if that involves the work.

For portrait and commercial photographers, they do spend a lot of time in studios and sometimes would have to do “on-location” photo shoots. For portrait photographers they would take school portraits or baby picture while commercial photographers take pictures used in books, catalogs and advertisement.

Another career is the scientific photographer wherein they use their knowledge on scientific procedures to record images of a scientific data or medical data.

Photojournalists or otherwise known as news photographers captures images that would explain on television news broadcasts or in a newspaper or magazines.

Aerial photographers take pictures of people or landscapes or even structures with the aid of a helicopter.

Fine arts photographers sell their photographs to the public as a piece of art. There are also freelance photographers who operate on their own and they would work on the desires of a client and also promoting their kind of business.